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[Condor-users] Windows MSI Installer and Config File

Hi all,

I am setting up Condor on a group of Win XP SP2 boxen and recently
discovered the config file settings ADD_WINDOWS_FIREWALL_EXCEPTION=FALSE
which are necessary to get any node (Manager or Executor) up and

The manual for Condor 6.8.0 section gives excellent instructions
on using the Windows MSI installer in non-interactive mode but,
unfortunately for me, that installer also starts the Condor service
before completing.  The issue is that without the aforementioned Windows
Firewall config settings, the Condor service will not function nor will
it respond to "net start/stop" commands.

So my question is: can I ask the MSI installer not to start the service
(so I can patch the config file and then start the service myself) or is
there a way to provide a custom config file or config file entries to
the installer?  Is there perhaps a way I could tell the new installation
to use a network config file that has the desired entries?

Thanks in advance,

Michael Ericson
Consulting Engineer

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