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[Condor-users] node priority


I'm using Condor 6.8 to manage a cluster composed by a total of 10
nodes: 5 with 4 GB of ram (node01 to node05), and 5 with 2 GB of ram
(node06 to node10). This is an X86-64 cluster, so no checkpointing or
migration is available (yet). Since the nodes appear in this same
order in the queue, when the first job is submitted it usually starts
on node01, then node02 and so on. The "problem" is that usually these
jobs start on the high memory nodes even when this is not a
requirement, i.e. even when the job would run perfectly with only say
20 MB of ram. So what I'd like to do is configure condor so that when
there is not special memory requirement, a job is started on one of
the five nodes with low memory (node06 to node10). This because I'd
like to keep the high-memory nodes available for parallel jobs and for
jobs that really require a lot of memory. Can you please help me to
figure out how to achieve this configuration? Of course, when
migration will be available this should not be a problem anymore, but
this is not the case yet. And yes, renaming the nodes is not really an
option for me, sorry.

Thank you.

Pasquale Tricarico
Associate Research Scientist
Planetary Science Institute