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Re: [Condor-users] a gui tool for condor

At 12:27 AM 8/22/2006, yaoheng zhang wrote:
Hi all.
I just write a GUI tool for condor. This application provides friendly interface for editing and submitting jobs, checking queue and machines status and the configuration parameters. It is written in java and has been tested in Linux and Windows. For more information, please see


I am eager to receive feedback from you for any issues about it and I will continuously improve it with your help.

Nice work, Yaoheng, and thanks for sharing w/ the community!

I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but I will soon.

Some initial feedback from going though your nice tutorial:

a) I don't think I would remove the job upon a double click. From a GUI standpoint, that is not intuitive --- most people think double click to get more informataion. Maybe double click should show all the job attributes? For removal, I suggest a right click w/ menu and/or an toolbar button. It'd be nice to be able to highlight multiple jobs to remove.

b) Re the implementation on the configuration tab : are you re-writing the condor_config[.local] file, or using "condor_config_val -set" tool to make the changes so that it works over the net? How are you reading the all the config values?

best regards,

Thanks in advance,

Yaoheng Zhang
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