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Re: [Condor-users] SOAP and Condor.. where to begin?

At 02:09 PM 8/23/2006, Matt Baker wrote:

I've seen yoa fewr Condor list messages regarding SOAP and was
wondering if I could ask for some help.. I've tried to follow the IBM
article, but so far, not even my schedd or collector logs show and
HTTP requests..

What are you using for a client? You built one from the IBM article w/ apache axis?

I added the lines below and restarted condor:

# SOAP stuff

This should be


(note parenthesis)


.. and the firewall allows incoming connections to port 9618. I
already have an apache server running on port 80 (this is a ROCKS

Are there any other steps I may have missed?

So if you are going through a firewall and only port 9618 is available, that means all your SOAP client can speak to the condor_collector. That means a soap client can make collector queries, aka similar sorts of things that the condor_status tool does.

If you want to query about jobs (aka like condor_q), you need to communicate with the schedd. That will listen on a different port --- by default, a dynamic one. If you have to traverse a firewall, you will probably want to tell Condor to run the schedd on a well-known port and tell your firewall about that port as well. If you want to submit/remove jobs (aka like condor_submit, condor_rm), then you need even one more step than the IBM article discusses --- you need to either run SOAP over HTTPS (i.e. with a client side SSL certificate) so Condor can authenticate the client, or you need to explicitly tell Condor to trust anyone who knocks at the door via placing into condor_config:
[[ Note: I would not recommend doing this on the public internet, esp if you leave ALLOW_SOAP=* !!!]

We are currently in the process of writing up some decent documentation for the Condor Manual on all things SOAP related. It should help out a lot. Sorry it is not already there.... but it is coming.


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