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Re: [Condor-users] NFS and the parallel universe

That would be great, we are not currently in GA but hope to be by the
middle of September. Part of getting to the GA process is the ability to
run with NFS working correctly. Our users and their codes create Gigs of
data  and where condor is installed is on a local disk which has limited

As an aside what are the variables that need setting in the config to
ensure proper NFS..

  UID_DOMAIN= sandia.gov 

Any others...?


Richard N. Cleary
Sandia National Laboratories
Dept. 4324 Infrastructure Computing Systems
Email: rnclear@xxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 505.845.7836

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Cleary Jr, Richard N wrote:
> Greg,
> Currently I'm running 6.7-19, is the problem fixed in 6.8? 
> Richard

Sadly, no.  But I can get you a condor_chirp which will work with 6.7.

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