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Re: [Condor-users] How do you add machines to the central manager?

I'd check the following....

1. HOSTALLOW_READ and HOSTALLOW_WRITE (on both your central manager and the
clients) - make sure your domain is properly entered. You can check the
current values by becoming the condor userid your are using to run condor
and use condor_config_val (in the bin directory where you installed condor)

"condor_config_val -verbose HOSTALLOW_READ"
"condor_config_val -verbose HOSTALLOW_WRITE"

2. Check your firewall settings on the hosts and the central manager. As an
initial test turn them off.

3. Unless you have configured your condor clients to work without proper DNS
records (I've not done this but a hazy memory recalls something about
running it without them in the docs somewhere) your clients will have
problems connecting but you may not see anything in your logs. In my case I
had a system with a forward DNS record but not a reverse record. The client
started up and there were no errors but it never showed up in the pool.

On 8/28/06 2:57 AM, "leo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <leo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi all,
> I am trying to install a condor pool of two machines for a couple of weeks
> but I still got no luck. How do you add machines to your central manager?
> is it simply putting the CONDOR_HOST as the central manager on the
> condor_config_local file makes the machine added to the central manager?
> I have tried with NFS and without NFS, and followed the installation
> procedure correctly, but still when I do condor_status and condor_q, only
> one machine is listed, the machine where I type the condor_status and
> condor_q.
> I hope that someone can help me. I need the step-bystep procedure...
> Thanks in advance.
> Leo
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