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[Condor-users] a condor config problem

hi all,
I have encountered a config problem and I need some help. I can not start my condor after making a full installation.
When I go to /usr/local/condor/sbin to run "./condor_master", it says
Neither the environment variable CONDOR_CONFIG, /etc/condor/, nor
~condor/ contain a condor_config file. Either set CONDOR_CONFIG to
point to a valid config file, or put a "condor_config" file in
/etc/condor or ~condor/ Exiting.

so I set the CONDOR_CONFIG variable,here is the command:
"export CONDOR_CONFIG=~condor/condor_config".
Then, I run "./condor_master" again, it says
Can't read config source /condor_cofig.local
I don't know why, and I need your help! Thanks!