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Re: [Condor-users] working directories

Dan Bradley wrote:
> On Aug 30, 2006, at 5:30 PM, Michael Thomas wrote:
>>Thanks for the tip.  I can set remote_initialdir in the user's job
>>description file, which gets translated to InitialDir in the
>>gatekeeper's job submission script from the Globus job manager.
>>However, when the job runs, it seems to ignore this InitialDir setting
>>and runs in _CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR instead.
> I would expect this behavior if the job is being submitted with 
> file-transfer mode turned on (e.g. should_transfer_files=yes or 
> something equivalent in the submit file generated by your jobmanager).  
> Is that the case?

Ah hah!  yes, it is.

> With file-transfer mode turned on, InitialDir no longer determines the 
> working directory of the job, because it is assumed that the job is 
> running on a machine without access to the same file system.  However, 
> you can set remote_initialdir (in the submit file generated by your 
> jobmanager) to control the working directory of the job.  There's 
> plenty of potential for getting confused here between settings in the 
> original (globus universe) submit file and the final (vanilla universe) 
> submit file generated by the jobmanager, so hopefully what I said above 
> makes sense.  Let me know if it doesn't!

This does make sense.  And it confirms my suspicion that the user who is
submitting these jobs should not try to set the initial directory in
this way, that they should explicitly 'cd' to the desired directory in
their job executable.


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