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Re: [Condor-users] MPI Setup

I've put together a condor-MPI tutorial for the particular code that we use here. It doesn't really involve much about the specifics of the condor administrative end though... I've set it up here, so that MPI jobs behave in the same way as single-processor jobs, which means that they can get preempted, evicted etc. The MPI "cluster" is actually a set of 18 computer lab desktop machines, linked together with a high-speed network. This was accomplished very easily by simply including the following lines:

DedicatedScheduler = "DedicatedScheduler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
STARTD_EXPRS = $(STARTD_EXPRS), DedicatedScheduler
MPI_CONDOR_RSH_PATH = /net/condor/sbin

Note that the last line is not specified in the manual, and the first line has regular quotes, not two single quotes like in the manual. Also note that I didn't change any policies for these resources, all types of job universes abide by the same rules.

I then had to recompile my code using mpich - the mpich download page actually has a condor version.

That was it. I do have passwordless ssh logins configured, but I don't even think you need that to run mpi in condor.


Rok Roskar
University of Washington
Department of Astronomy

On Feb 2, 2006, at 3:02 PM, rnayar@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello everyone, for those of you who actually got MPI jobs up and running can you give us a greater insight as to how you accomplished this? Through the installation of MPI, any type of configurations (i.e. passwordless ssh logins etc). I've noticed that alot of people seem to be running MPI apps perhaps we
should throw together some sort of "How to MPI" thread.


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