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[Condor-users] Newbie Condor configuration question and ...

Hello -

I'm working on configuring a Linux cluster and still determining
which scheduler/resource manager will work best for our needs,
so I'd like to ask for some help.

I would like to know if Condor can be configured such that user jobs
can be sent off to the compute nodes under a single dummy user ID,
thus not allowing anyone (except for root and the dummy user) login
access to the nodes.  We need to pursue DoD/NISPOM compliance on our
cluster and expect that this functionality would facilitate that.

We're also looking at Maui/Moab with a PBS variant, but already
know that those currently don't support what we need.

Thanks for any assistance,
| Debbie Tropiano                            |  debbiet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   |
| Environmental Sciences Laboratory          |     +1 512 835 3367 w       |
| Applied Research Laboratories of UT Austin |     +1 512 835 3544 fax     |
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