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Re: [Condor-users] writing hawkeye modules

On Monday 06 February 2006 7:20 pm, obi wrote:
> more information. Changing the configuration to
> HAWKEYE_NWS_ARGS = "/home/graziano/test"
> seems to make everything a bit happire: now I got
> 2/6 17:17:29 Completed initial benchmarks.
> 2/6 17:17:29 Cron: Initializing job 'NWS' (/bin/cat)
> in the logs but nothing shows up in the classad (as per codor_status -l).
> Are there any more logs to check?

In the StartLog, you should see messages something like this (Make sure you 
have D_FULLDEBUG) turned on:

2/6 22:16:35 Cron: 'NWS' (pid 10318) exit_status=0
2/6 22:16:35 NWS: 51 lines in Queue
2/6 22:16:35 Replacing ClassAd for 'NWS'
2/6 22:16:35 Cron: STDOUT closed for 'NWS'
2/6 22:16:35 Cron: STDERR closed for 'NWS'

If you don't see that, then '/bin/cat' isn't exitting as expected...  
Unfortunately, the 6.7.14 version that you're running doesn't log the command 
line before exec-ing it (IIRC); it'd be nice to verify that the file name is 
being passed to /bin/cat correctly (although, as far as I know, the command 
line generation, excepting for the documented bugs in 6.7.{15,16}, has always 
worked properly...  Still, my memory could be faulty; try running it with 
D_FULLDEBUG and see if you learn anything more interesting...

I do see another problem, however.  When Hawkeye invokes a module, it invokes 
it like this:
"/path/to/exececutable name <args>"

So, in this case, you should be running this, which isn't what you expect:
"/bin/cat NWS /home/graziano/test"

However, /bin/cat should still do "The Right Thing(tm)" (according to my 
exhaustive 3 seconds of testing).  I'll look at it some more when I'm back in 
the office tomorrow.  Let me know what D_FULLDEBUG reveals.


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