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Re: [Condor-users] limiting memory use of condor jobs

In the Release notes section of the manual for 6.7.14 one reads:

New settings SYSTEM_PERIODIC_HOLD , SYSTEM_PERIODIC_RELEASE , and SYSTEM_PERIODIC_REMOVE . These expressions behave identically to the job expressions periodic_hold, periodic_release, and periodic_remove, but are evaluated for all jobs in the queue. If not present, they default to FALSE.

Given a new enough version, one can set limits for the whole pool, these can be modified in the local config for an execute machine, and the user can set tighter limits in his job description.

Cheers, Alex

Steven Timm wrote:

This feature looks quite useful.  The question is.. is this
something that can be automatically appended to all job classads
or  do you have to trust the user to put it in their submit file,
if so, how?

Steve Timm

On Fri, 10 Feb 2006, Alexander Lincoln Read wrote:

+JobMemoryLimit = 500000
+JobDiskLimit = 10000
+JobTimeLimit = 3600
+JobCpuLimit = 1800
periodic_remove = DiskUsage > JobDiskLimit ||  ImageSize >
JobMemoryLimit || RemoteWallClockTime > JobTimeLimit || RemoteUserCpu >

will remove jobs that either
1) use more than 10 MB of disk
2) use more than 500 MB of memory
3) run for more than an hour
4) use more than 30 minutes of CPU

I made (3) and (4) different just for fun, but for an application with a
lot of disk reading or
networking it could  make sense.

Cheers, Alex

Hans Wenzel wrote:

Dear all

Is there a way  to periodic_remove a Job once the memory use is above
some threshold?
like it is done in the diskusage example below?

thanks in advance


In the job requirements
+JobDiskLimit = 10000
periodic_remove = DiskUsage > JobDiskLimit
should prevent the job from using more than e.g. 10 MB in
the session directory. I wouldn't know how to get Condor to
enforce this for a particular file - you would probably have to
build a command wrapper and check the file size in a separate
process if this is important.

Cheers, Alex

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