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Re: [Condor-users] MPI - What the heck does this mean?

Yeah Greg you were exactly right, after comming back from lunch they went back
to the Unclaimed state. Since you are on a roll do you have any ideas about the
other stuff I mentioned?


Danny Nayar
New Mexico State University

Quoting Greg Thain <gthain@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Also
> > its weird.. even when there is nothing being executed my machines stay in
> the
> > claimed state odd....
> The dedicated scheduler that the MPI and parallel universe uses, holds 
> on to claims for up to UNUSED_CLAIM_TIMEOUT seconds, in an attempt to 
> reuse those claims should another job come in.  The default value for 
> UNUSED_CLAIM_TIMEOUT is 600 seconds, so after 10 minutes, you should see 
> the claims go away.
> -greg
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