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Re: [Condor-users] new user to condor - guide for newbies


I don't see why not. You can set your manager up as not only as a manager but 
as a execute and submit machine as well. As soon as I get my two node grid up 
and running including all the bells and whistles I do plan on writing a how to 
guide that will go into detail setting up everything I did. It will include 
everything from setting up NIS to NFS etc etc.


Danny Nayar
New Mexico State University

Quoting priya <pacharya@xxxxxxx>:

> hye all,
> im a new user to Condor....i have downloaded condor 6.6.7 version...now for
> installation ...i run condor_install ..then while following the
> instructions..i
> i opted full installation...then in the ques regarding setting  of condor
> for multiple machines...i opted 'no'...
> Can  condor run on a single machine...provided that machine to be central
> manager?..
> what other changes should be made for this to work??
> plz help me regarding this...if anybody has any idea....
> Thanks & regards
> Priyadarshini