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Re: [Condor-users] user based authorization not working

--On 13 February 2006 12:26 -0600 Zachary Miller <zmiller@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I read this again and it made more sense second time around.
I tried getting Condor to use CLAIMTOBE by including
these lines in the master condor_config:


but then I couldn't do a condor_reconfig. Instead I
got this error:

AUTHENTICATE:1003:Failed to authenticate with any method
Can't send Reconfig command to local master

Could you elaborate on this ?

once you changed your config file, the running daemons and the
condor_reconfig tool now have incompatible settings.  the running daemon
has the default list of authentication methods (FS, KERBEROS, GSI) but
the tool has only CLAIMTOBE.

set the methods to CLAIMTOBE, FS.  then do the reconfig (it will use FS).
then take out FS and reconfig again, and you'll have just CLAIMTOBE.
there's no harm in just leaving FS in there though.

OK I can reconfigure now but I'm back to original problem of not
being able to authorize individual submitters. Is there some way
of configuring condor to tell it that the master and submit hosts
are in the same UID domain whereas the execute hosts are not.




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