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Re: [Condor-users] MPI - MPD SMPD and Running MPI scripts

Hey everyone I had a few questions reguarding MPI applications and condor.

MPICH2 for example in order to know which computers it can run on nees to have
some sort of deamon running in the background. In this case you can choose a few
differrent types (i.e. MPD and SMPD). My question is how does condor fall into
the grand scheme of things? Do I still need to use these deamons and establish a
ring if i'm running Condor? Secondly if i were to run a script that runs MPI
applications how does that impact the submit file. Here is an example: 

For the system administrators out there I'm sure you are all familar with the
application called JTR or "John the Ripper". There exists a MPI version of this
code. Out side of condor and with MPD or SMPD running you would eventually run a
script that looks something like the following:



rm -f core.*
mpirun -np $PROCS ./john -incremental crack

So as i mentioned before, how would i describe this shell script in the condor
submit file? 

thanks much

Danny N.
New Mexico State University