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Re: [Condor-users] Condor GUI/web interface?


It maybe is easy but it still takes time. It would be very useful to get
the source of already made GUI for Condor(or the program itself).


Anton Kucherov

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It's very easy to make your own. I made a WWW based GUI using PhP &

The GUI's I made were highly tailored to our environment, 3D 
animation..so they
are probably not easily adapted to your needs..but it's very easy to 
make a WWW GUI
using PhP. Give it a try..It's fun :)


Armen Babikyan wrote:

>Is there a Condor GUI in the works?  I've found posts in the archives 
>for one particular Condor GUI, but it doesn't seem to be released:
>Although a graphical job-management system would be nice, I'm also 
>looking for a web-accessible (perhaps RRDTool-enabled) display that 
>shows various machine/job/user usage statistics.  Does such a thing 
>exist in the public domain?
>  - Armen

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