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Re: [Condor-users] condor_compile


Condor compile does not compile a program via Condor. It compiles it for
Condor_compile  provides the program with additional support, such as
the capability to checkpoint.
You can find more help about it at:


If you need parallel build you can use many different programs such as
Xoreax's Incredibuild. I think there are tools built on top of Condor
but I never ran across them.


Anton Kucherov

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i've tested condor_compile with make and relink the program with the 
condor libs. the make would work but....

the strange think i don't understand is that a make for example with the

rsync tool will take much more time as a normal local make!what is the 
real sense behind the make with condor; i thougth the make with condor 
(3 nodes) will be much faster as a normal local make;and another 
question; how can i be sure that the make is parallized?can i check

greez and thanks for the help
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