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Re: [Condor-users] Do "slave" machines in a Condor pool need 80MB of sw?

On Tuesday 21 February 2006 5:06 pm, Matt England wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a Condor newbie, and I'm curious:
> Do "slave" machines in a Condor pool need 80MB of sw?

What define as a "slave" machine?  An execute-only host?  A submit-only host?  
A submit + execute host?

> I'm finding that the Linux rpms (for 6.7.x) are 80MB big.  Do I need to
> download that entire rpm file to every Linux machine that needs to be in a
> Condor pool?  It seems rather large, and I would hope the "slave" machines
> (to the Condor "master server") would not need as much software.

Currently, we have just one big rpm.  I suppose that you could repackage it 
into a smaller submet (depending on your needs), but that's not currently 
planned for in a Condor release.  

Hmm, thinking about this a bit further.  We could split it into multiple 
packages like "condor-core" "condor-execute" "condor-execute_standard" 
"condor-execute_vanilla" "condor-submit" "condor-submit_standard" 
"condor-submit_vanilla" "condor-central_manager", "condor-compile"...  As you 
can see, this could rapidly become quite a maze of packages.

> My apologies if this is an already-answered faq.

No problem,

> -Matt


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