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Re: [Condor-users] submit on Windows execute on OS X PPC troubles

On 2/22/06, John Wheez <john@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I got it to work....disregard...
> The solution was to manually add a 'condor' user using OS X's user manager.
> Screen name was Condor
> short name was    condor
> no password..i hope to find away around that!
> It seems condor on OS X doesn't dynamically create the condor user like
> it does for Windows.

It doesn't on Linux/UNIX too, and I think it is OK.
the administrator should be well aware of the users enabled in the system.

As for your setup, you may want to make the condor user unable to
login,since condor user doesn't need to actually login into the
system, and processes under his credentials are spawned by exec(),
bypassing the authorization via login.

so then, condor user will not add remote threats.
Under linux this is easily done by adding an arbitraty ( usually "!"
caracter ) to /etc/passwd file entry of that user ( condor ).


> JW
> John Wheez wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >Has anyone submitted jobs using Windows clients for jobs which were only
> >to be executed on OS X machines?
> >
> >When i try, i get many shadow errors about not being able to find the
> >condor user. If I submit from OS X machines it works
> >fine.
> >
> >Any examples or tips would be appreciated..
> >
> >JW
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