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Re: [Condor-users] Condor port range under Win XP

>> LOWPORT=9600
>> HIGHPORT=9610
> i've never seen this before, but i must admit i haven't tried 
> it on windows.
> i should also mention that 10 ports is probably not enough 
> for condor to do
> much useful work.  all daemons need a command port, even the 
> condor_shadow,
> of which there is one per running job.

That would be 11 ports Zach ;-)

>From Condor webpages:
6.6.X - and from
6.7.Y - :

"Each execute machine (those machines running a condor_ startd daemon) requires
5 + (5 * number of virtual machines advertised by that machine) ports. ... "

Ian's machines are single-vm execute only, so 10 is all he needs according to this 
formula - he has one extra for luck (or made same arithmetic mistake as you!).

I have never seen this problem, my initial guess would be that there is a typo 

Which daemons export LOWPORT and HIGHPORT ?