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[Condor-users] randomize_va_space - jobs evicted

Hello all,

I am running condor-6.6.10 on Debian-Sarge with kernel and i686
cpus. I notice again and again checkpoints which try to restart many
times without success, but suddenly, after many hours, they restart

The reason for this is, as I strongly suspect, the stack-randomization,
because by doing a

echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/randomize_va_space

on the executing host, I get such a lazy job to work again within five

But this is no acceptable solution, because it disables a
security-feature of the kernel. I even can't downgrade the kernel to a
version lower than 2.6.12, when the stack-randomization was changed

Is there a solution of this problem without disabling the
stack-randomization? Has this problem been solved in condor-6.7.16 yet?
But I would prefer to solve this problem within the stable 6.6.10,
because everything else is working fine.

Hermann Zellner