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[Condor-users] Condorview crontab question

I think I'm a little confused to who is going to run the crontab in condorview.

so far this is my set up

I have two machines and they are both set up to use NIS and NFS.

Machine A has 2 accounts - root and condor
Machine B has 1 account - root but condor can long onto that machine through NIS
and his home directory will be automatically mounted.

The root account on these machines is different (i.e. Machines A root cannot log
on as root with his same password on machine B and vis versa)

Machine A is my central manager and also a condorview client.
Machine B runs a second collector and is the condorview server

Machine A is running a webserver to publish the html files generated by the
condorview client 

Now condorview comes with a cron description file I have 2 questions:

question 1:
Who should I run the cron jobs as? My gut feeling is is condor but i'm not sure.

question 2:
How long does it take before the "Sorry, no data for this month (yet!)" message
goes away and gives stats.

I think if I get question 1 resolved then that will lead into question 2 being
resolved as well.

thanks in advance

Danny Nayar
New Mexico State University