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Re: [Condor-users] Condorview crontab question

On Fri, Feb 24, 2006 at 04:27:04PM -0700, rnayar@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> I think I'm a little confused to who is going to run the crontab in condorview.
> so far this is my set up
> I have two machines and they are both set up to use NIS and NFS.
> Machine A has 2 accounts - root and condor
> Machine B has 1 account - root but condor can long onto that machine through NIS
> and his home directory will be automatically mounted.
> The root account on these machines is different (i.e. Machines A root cannot log
> on as root with his same password on machine B and vis versa)
> Machine A is my central manager and also a condorview client.
> Machine B runs a second collector and is the condorview server
> Machine A is running a webserver to publish the html files generated by the
> condorview client 
> ----questions----
> Now condorview comes with a cron description file I have 2 questions:
> question 1:
> Who should I run the cron jobs as? My gut feeling is is condor but i'm not sure.

It doesn't matter, so long as the output can be read by the webserver.
Since there's no reason to run it as root, it's probably better not to
run it as root.