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Re: [Condor-users] Interactive jobs

Hi Jaime,

Thanks very much for your reply.

Yes, I did have the 'queue' statement at the end of the submit file.

Below is what I have changed in the global config file,  per your

START                   = $(UWCS_START)

#UWCS_START     = ( (KeyboardIdle > $(StartIdleTime)) \
#                    && ( $(CPUIdle) || \
#                         (State != "Unclaimed" && State != "Owner")) )

UWCS_START      = ( ( $(CPUIdle) || (State != "Unclaimed" && State !=
"Owner")) )

I took the 'Keyboadidle'  out of the START expression.   But it didn't make
any difference.
The xterm will stay up for a few seconds, then goes away.   I noticed that
the original job
does not finish.   The command condor_q will show the job
in the queue, (forever).    Periodically, I will  get another xterm pops up
for a few seconds, then
disappears.    Below is what the StarterLog file shows,

2/28 11:09:39 Starter communicating with condor_shadow <>
2/28 11:09:39 Submitting machine is "nathan.nb-engr.mindspeed.com"
2/28 11:09:39 Starting a VANILLA universe job with ID: 11.0
2/28 11:09:39 IWD: /home/liq/condor/submit_examples/ex0
2/28 11:09:39 About to exec /usr/X11R6/bin/xterm -display
2/28 11:09:39 Create_Process succeeded, pid=13194
2/28 11:09:44 Suspending all jobs.
2/28 11:09:49 Continuing all jobs.
2/28 11:09:49 Got SIGTERM. Performing graceful shutdown.
2/28 11:09:49 ShutdownGraceful all jobs.
2/28 11:09:49 Process exited, pid=13194, status=15
2/28 11:09:49 Last process exited, now Starter is exiting
2/28 11:09:49 **** condor_starter (condor_STARTER) EXITING WITH STATUS 0

As you see, the xterm is displayed from 11:09:39, it exited at 11:09:49,
when the job received
a SIGTERM.   Any idea what is happening here?

Again,  thanks very much....

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On Feb 24, 2006, at 3:53 PM, John Li wrote:

> I'm new to Condor and I have 6.6.10 installed for some Linux and
> Solaris
> machines.
> I'm trying to start an interactive session by the xterm command.
> My submit file looks like this,
> universe       = vanilla
> executable     = /usr/openwin/bin/xterm
> arguments      = -display hostname.mindspeed.com:0

I presume there's a 'queue' line at the bottom of your submit file.

> Here is what happens after I use the command condor_submit to submit
> this job,
> I see several xterm sessions show up on my workstation and they then
> disappears on their own after a few seconds.
> Are there additional entries that I may need in the submit file for
> this
> type
> of interactive job?   What log files should I be looking for to search
> for clues?

Check to see if the machines are switching to Owner state. If your
START expression includes KeyboardIdle, then your xterm jobs will
cause the machine to think the owner has returned to the machine and
all jobs should be kicked off.

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