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[Condor-users] Status of RHEL 4 and Condor

Title: Status of RHEL 4 and Condor

The following post from a year ago mentioned that Condor should run on the 2.6 kernel and RHEL4 with the RH9 binary. Has any progress been made on getting an RHEL 4 release or is the following still the correct way to deploy condor on RHEL4?

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(For those following along who are less familiar with Linux variants, Curt is asking about RedHat Enterprise Linux 4, which was recently released.)

We've only just begun testing with RHEL4 so our data is preliminary. That said, we believe that the current Condor 6.7.6 build should work fine on RHEL4 with a couple of caveats.

1) You want our "RedHat 9" binary.

2) It's dynamically linked against an older version of the gcc runtime libraries. Therefore you need to install the compatibility gcc package. I forget the name of this package, but I think there is a single RPM you can install that will get these for you.

We've tested on other Linux 2.6 kernel distributions like Fedora Core 3, so I'm optimistic that this will work.

We hope to do further testing to ensure that RHEL4 works properly. We're also debating the best way to avoid the problem I mentioned in #2.

Let us know how it goes,

Richard N. Cleary
Sandia National Laboratories
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