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Re: [Condor-users] [Birdbath Specific] Update Interval

On Tue, Jul 11, 2006 at 07:25:09PM +0100, Afrasyab Bashir wrote:
> Hi,
> Case: I want to decide myself which all machines should execute my job. I 
> want to base my decision upon certain information: for e.g. load, swap, 
> memory, non-condor load etc. I believe I can decide well if I know how old 
> that information is. In order to know the currency of information I should 
> know at what interval this information is updated i.e. i should know the 
> update interval.
> Query:
> Could you please guide me how to check the update interval of any condor 
> pool using Birdbath?? i.e. using 'birdbath only' how to check that after 
> what interval the updates are sent?

Look at the LastHeardFrom attribute. It will tell you
when the last update was recieved. You can use that
to decide how out of date any updates are. That's probably
more useful than knowing the update interval.

If you want to know the update interval only using
the SOAP interface, you'll have to use STARTD_EXPRS to
put the value into the ClassAd for the machine. There is
no way to use the SOAP API to get the configuration variable
of a daemon directly.