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Re: [Condor-users] Using more available nodes - User priorities?

We have similar problems. (on 6.6.11/XP)

I have a user who continually generates "nice-user" jobs - he has a script that pops more jobs in the queue when it notices the queue nearing empty. After a while (~5 days?), his pool utilisation (number of machines running jobs for him) drops to ~50% - the balance are idle.
I have resorted to stopping the master twice weekly, and manually clearing all the accounting states  (rm ~condor/spool/Accountantnew.log). Could be math under/overflow?


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We have a user running ~120 jobs per night. At the moment no other users are submitting jobs. 

We have a total of ~200 execute nodes available. He gets a max of ~70-80 jobs running at once. 

i.e. there are still ~120 nodes available but not getting used. Would increasing his priority get him more machines. From reading the docs I have a feel for how this works when multiple users are submitting jobs and competing for resources but how does this work when there is only one user? 

Is there some sort of limit to one user only being able to use a certain fraction of available nodes? 
i.e. Are some "reserved" in case other users submit jobs? Would increasing his priority get him more nodes if he is the only user? 

BTW these couple of hundred nodes are in 3 different pools with flocking enabled. 




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