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Re: [Condor-users] Condor and Matlab

Yes and No
Condor can't do it itself, you have to specify it by one of 2 means:
1. Manually add ClassAds to all machines that have a particular capability,
2. Use an automatic tool such as Hawkeye which will generate these ClassAds for
    you and add them to the machines. Of course you have to have a way of identifying whether the
    s/w is installed or not.
You might also have to be concerened WHERE it is installed.
Then you must have this ClassAd requested in your REQUIREMENTS for each job that needs it.
For adding your own ClassAds, you can look at the first few of my slides in the following talk from
European Condor Week:
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Hi All,


Is there a way to specify in the job requirements that the execute node must have specific binaries installed e.g. matlab ?




Shaun James O'Callaghan