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Re: [Condor-users] can't install development releases on Win XP

I used the zip version of both and didn't run into any problems.  The
only thing was that 6.7.19 is a lot bigger than 6.7.20 because I was
told they left debug info in there accidentally.  Maybe your download
got corrupted somehow?
If you want to try it, I have a .exe that I made for our clients here at
school.  At least you can use it to see if it is your machine or
something strange with the installer.  It is for version 6.7.20 and it
will automatically extract to c:\condor (no choice).  You will have to
change the LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE variable in c:\condor\condor_config to a
valid path for it to work.

John Alberts
Technical Assistant for EMS
CLO 332

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I'd like to try out a development release under Win XP
pro but I can't seem to get 6.7.19 or 6.7.20 to install.
The MSI bombs out with an error (I have a screen shot
if anyone is interested) and for the ZIP version some
of the files appear to be missing (e.g. the PVM daemon).
Any ideas what is wrong ? Is there a virus shield install
available similar to 6.6.* Maybe I can install new binaries
over the top of a stable release ?



Dr Ian C. Smith,
e-Science team,
University of Liverpool
Computing Services Department

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