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Re: [Condor-users] HoldCode not implemented?


I just confirmed your findings with condor_hold not setting HoldCode. You will find that HoldCode is set for various internal error states encountered when running jobs, but in 6.7.20, it does not set it when the job is placed on hold via condor_hold. We'll fix that in a future release.


On Jul 18, 2006, at 1:03 PM, Ian Chesal wrote:

The 6.7 docs reference a new (a very useful) HoldCode setting:


But when I submit my jobs with "hold = true" the result job ad has no
HoldCode attribute:

/opt/condor/bin/condor_q -long 43.0 | grep -i hold
NumSystemHolds = 0
HoldReason = "submitted on hold at user's request"
OnExitHold = FALSE
PeriodicHold = FALSE

There's a HoldReason, but no HoldCode. If I call condor_release and then
condor_hold on the cluster there's still no HoldCode attribute. Are the
docs ahead of the code base? I'm using 6.7.20 with the Schedd daemon
running on RHEL3.

- Ian

Ian R. Chesal <ichesal@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Altera Corporation
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