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[Condor-users] PASSWORD authentication problem


I'm trying to set up authentication using a pool
password but when I run the cred add command I get this

C:\condor\log>condor_store_cred add -c
Account: condor_pool@xxxxxxxxx

Enter password:

Operation failed.
    Make sure you have CONFIG access to the target Master.

This is on a Win XP submit/execute host and I'm logged in under
the same account I used to install condor on it. The condor_master
does appear to be running on it OK.

Taking a look inside the MasterLog I can see

7/20 10:46:42 DaemonCore: PERMISSION DENIED to unknown user from host
<138.253.1 03.161:4300> for command 497 (STORE_POOL_CRED)

I've a feeling of deja vu about this but I can't remember how to fix it.

any ideas ?



Dr Ian C. Smith,
e-Science team,
University of Liverpool
Computing Services Department