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[Condor-users] can condor automatically set priorities of jobs/users?


I'd like to ask if it is possible to configure condor (6.8.0/linux) to
give automatically a higher priority to the 5 first submitted jobs to
each user.

In detail: we have a 60 node cluster. Each one of our users can submit
jobs to it. But we would like to give everyone a chance to have running
jobs, so we'd like to give each user the possibility to run ie. 5 jobs
at a time. In example, if user A submit 20 jobs then user B submit 10
and user C only 2 (in this order) we'd like to be able to process 5 for
user A, 5 for user B, 2 for user C, then see if we have still resources
to run more for user A and user B.

Is this possible somehow?

Thanks in advance,