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Re: [Condor-users] Condor-c "Detected Down Grid Resource"

I don't know if you're still trying to get this working, but here are some answers...

On Jun 14, 2006, at 8:32 AM, o c wrote:

I'm trying to get Condor-C to work.
I have two one-node pools each running Condor version 6.7.19 under RH9.

These machines do *not* have any Globus software installed, am I right in saying that it is not necessary for grid_resource = condor?

Correct. You don't need any Globus software.

The documentation for Condor-c
says that there should be a "remote_pool" entry in the submit file to tell condor where to find the collector that will connect the submit machine schedd with the execute machine schedd, if I understand it correctly.

However the example submit file does not have a remote_pool entry.

That's a misprint. There should be no reference to 'remote_pool' there. It'll be removed from future versions of the manual.

I don't get anything in either side's log files to suggest attempted execution
or even communication so I guess the "Detected Down" stuff means that the pools are not finding eachother at all.

Yes, the daemons on your submit machine are having trouble either finding or connecting to the remote schedd. What happens if you try this from the submit machine:

condor_q -pool mg10.x.y.z -name mg10.x.y.z

If anyone has gotten Condor-C to work I'd like to hear from them, thanks.
Also if anyone can tell me if I am interpreting the instructions in 5.3.1 correctly I'd appreciate it.

That looks fine.

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