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Re: [Condor-users] condor-G installation question[globus package]

On Jun 15, 2006, at 9:31 PM, Ye ilho wrote:

I just have a question as I am trying to know how to install condor-G.
The manual states that I need to install resource management client
bundle from globus first.

But when I went to globus site, I could not locate latest version of
this package.
Can anyone point me where to go and find information to install globus?
FYI, I have installed a globus toolkit 4.0.2 but I am not sure if this
is what I am supposed to install.

The only things you need are the relevant certificate authority files (usually installed in /etc/grid-security/certificates) and an X509 proxy file. To generate the latter, you'll probably need to install the Globus security tools. Globus toolkit 4.0.2 is more than enough for that.

Can you point out where in the manual you saw the requirement to install the resource management client bundle of Globus? That should be removed.

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