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Re: [Condor-users] has anyone got SSL working

Thanks for this. I think the fact that it doesn't work with XP is
a show stopper as far as we're concerned. I'd love to have a
big Linux pool to play with but it seems that 99% of x86 OSs
are Windows based (statistic made up on the spot !).



--On 27 July 2006 14:36 +0200 Pascal Jermini <pascal+condor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I'd be interested to hear of any positive experiences
with SSL authentication. I followed a recent thread:


but things didn't look too promising. Using solaris 9 manager/submit
hosts and win xp execute hosts. Condor 6.7.20 (prob 6.8.0 soon).

After some more testing I have determined that SSL with Windows machines
does not work (condor_master and condor_startd crash on startup). On the
other hand, on Linux machines, we managed to make SSL work, albeit a small
workaround around a bug that should be fixed in 6.8.1 (as stated in the
release notes of 6.8.0).

Unfortunately I did not manage to test SSL with Solaris, as for the
moment I have only Solaris x86 boxes, and there is no Solaris/x86
binaries provided (any chance to get them one day?)

I would say that SSL is still not ready to be used in pools involving
Windows machines, but in pools consisting of only Linux (or Unix-based)
machines, it seems OK.

I hope that this helps clarifying the situation with SSL (at least the
situation from our point of view, maybe others managed to make it work


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