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Re: [Condor-users] shared condor config files and condor_reconfig

> Obviously the independent configuration files are more work, but we
> chosen it for the moment
> because we are often in a situation when our machines come up
> after a power outage before the network does, and if the condor_config
> files are local to each worker node then condor can still start.

At Condor week I saw a very cool use of the Condor cron facility by
Micron that allowed local configuration files, but remote config file
administration. The Condor cron facility was being used to pull the
config from a shared location every so often. The nice thing about this
approach is you get the benefits of both worlds: stability if your
shared drive goes down, and the easy administration of a shared
configuration file. You just don't get immediate deployment of
configuration file changes.

- Ian