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Re: [Condor-users] shared condor config files and condor_reconfig

Yes, this works in both cases. The only difference is how many config
files you have to edit before you call this command. If your daemons
read their config files from an NFS share you only have to edit one file
before calling this command. If they read their config files from local
disk you have to edit all the config files on all the machines before
calling condor_reconfig -all.
Thanks for the reply

Obviously the independent configuration files are more work, but we have chosen it for the moment
because we are often in a situation when our machines come up
after a power outage before the network does, and if the condor_config
files are local to each worker node then condor can still start.

Steve Timm

It's worth noting that not all config changes can be initiated with
condor_reconfig. Changing DAEMON_LIST for example requires a full

- Ian

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