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[Condor-users] swap space problem


I apologize I sent this same mail few minutes earlier mail with no subject line.

I am running Condor Version 6.6.5. After upgrading the OS of the master node to Linux with 2.6.9-22.0.1.ELsmp (ScientificLinux 4.2) , I find this swap
space problem in the Sched log of the condor master.

6/2 19:07:39 Tables are consistent
6/2 19:07:39 Swap space estimate reached! No more jobs can be run!
6/2 19:07:39     Solution: get more swap space, or set RESERVED_SWAP = 0
6/2 19:07:39     0 jobs matched, 13 jobs idle
6/2 19:15:49 Activity on stashed negotiator socket

But infact almost all of swap space is free.

Mem:   2074428k total,  1736896k used,   337532k free,   193880k buffers
Swap:  8490728k total,      160k used,  8490568k free,  1408500k cached

Could this be an OS related problem, or something else? It was all OK before I made the OS upgrade (from ScientificLinux 303 to 4.2). Is there anything else that I can check to find the problem?

Thank you for any help.


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