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Re: [Condor-users] (no subject)

On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 15:10, Darin Kalisak wrote:
> Thanks to you both for your help.  I guess my confusion was that I
> thought that job class ads could already reference anything in the
> computers' config files.  But as I understand it now, these parameters
> are not accessible to jobs unless they are also placed in the
> STARTD_EXPRS.  So, if I have HasMatlab = True in a config file, but
> not in STARTD_EXPRS, it does nothing, and job ads trying to access it
> will not be able to see that it is there?


Just wondered how many users you have who run Matlab? Are you running it
on winXP or Linux or Mac? I have a large base here, and I do see people
fire off a job on their PC and then leave it for up to a week (or more).

If they could use a condor pool, this would be a good/better solution!

I have set up a small test pool of machines (1 WBL linux as master and 4
nodes to do the work).

Have you got it all to work OK? How big is your pool?

Also, if you are running winxp (??) what other apps are people wanting
to run on
the pool?

On a final note ... I see you use Gmail. Any chance of inviting me to
join ... the
SMS method is still not available in the UK (why? Well, not even Google



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