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[Condor-users] Question about MPI jobs in MPI Universe.

Hi all:
I am trying to get MPI jobs running in MPI Universe. I have configured the Condor Pool according to the manual. And I have recompiled my code using mpich.Then I submited the MPI executable to the dedicated scheduler.But the MPI job behaved strangly:they always stay idle. In the StarterLog of the dedicated resources,there are some error messages:
6/8 13:23:27 RemoteSpoolDir not found in JobAd.  Aborting.
6/8 13:23:27 ERROR adding environment variable to job6/8 13:23:27 Failed to start job, exiting

Have I made some mistake? Can anyone tell me what is wrong about it?
Thank you in advance for your help.
Best wishes. 
Yufang Zhang