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Re: [Condor-users] [Birdbath] dynamically changing macro values

On Sat, Jun 10, 2006 at 01:14:32PM +0100, Afrasyab Bashir wrote:
> Hi,
> I am polling the condor collector for machine / job ads in order to check 
> the load etc and other values after for e.g. 30 secs. However, if collector 
> itself is being updated by startd or master after a 5-minute interval then 
> my polling for such updates is not only useless but it is also adding an 
> overhead. According to 6.7.19 manual polling interval only holds good when 
> the machine is in a claimed state and that update interval refers to startd 
> sending updates to collector.

There's no reason to have the polling interval any higher than the
update interval when the machine is in the idle state (there's nothing
that can act on the information - unless the collector has a copy of the
ad it can't get matched, so there's no reason to check if the CPU is free
every 5 seconds during the 5 minutes the startd isn't sending an update)

When the startd sends a new ad, by default every 5 minutes, it always 
gets the latest version of all dyanmic values. It's independent of the
polling_interval. If you set update_interval to 30 seconds, you'll
get 30 second snapshots of dynamic values.

The polling interval is very frequent, so if a resource owner comes back
from lunch Condor quickly sees that reacts. It does not send update ads
every polling interval. 

> I would like to update these macros using birdbath, given an authority to do 
Polling doesn't send new updates to the collector, and we want the 
> so by the resource owner. It means that condor when started would pick up 
> the default values from the configuration file but birdbath user would be 
> able to change it using birdbath capabilities. Therefore, my questions are
> a) Can I update the macros like above (master update, polling interval, 
> update interval etc) using birdbath? how? and

No. Setting configuration variables is not something the SOAP interface
currently exposes. We're not likely to either, setting configuartion
variables over the network is dangerous security-wise and very easy to get
wrong, so it's something that we would approach cautiously. 

> b)  Is there a way to force polling interval even when machine is not in a 
> claimed state?

See above, you don't need it. Just set update_interval to be what you want
and you'll get up-to-date load information.