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[Condor-users] [Birdbath] dynamically changing macro values


I am polling the condor collector for machine / job ads in order to check the load etc and other values after for e.g. 30 secs. However, if collector itself is being updated by startd or master after a 5-minute interval then my polling for such updates is not only useless but it is also adding an overhead. According to 6.7.19 manual polling interval only holds good when the machine is in a claimed state and that update interval refers to startd sending updates to collector.

I would like to update these macros using birdbath, given an authority to do so by the resource owner. It means that condor when started would pick up the default values from the configuration file but birdbath user would be able to change it using birdbath capabilities. Therefore, my questions are

a) Can I update the macros like above (master update, polling interval, update interval etc) using birdbath? how? and b) Is there a way to force polling interval even when machine is not in a claimed state?