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[Condor-users] Condor Error No locks available

Hello everyone,

I am trying to submit jobs using DAG file. To test the feature, I have 4 jobs. 3 defined as PARENT and fourth as CHILD.

Job sh_loop1 sh_loop1.cmd
Job sh_loop2 sh_loop2.cmd
Job sh_loop3 sh_loop3.cmd
Job sh_loop4 sh_loop4.cmd
PARENT sh_loop1 sh_loop2 sh_loop3 CHILD sh_loop4

If I submit this .dag file using condor_submit_dag, I am seeing this error

6/12 23:32:18   assigned Condor ID (22.0.0)
6/12 23:32:18 Just submitted 3 jobs this cycle...
6/12 23:32:18 FileLock::obtain(1) failed - errno 37 (No locks available)
6/12 23:32:18 ERROR "Assertion ERROR on (is_locked)" at line 916 in file user_log.C

I searched previous thread with problem of locks as part of NFS, so I now have defined ${LOCK) to be local directory on the nodes.
But, still I am seeing this error and the job assigned to CHILD is not being submitted.

Am, I missing something? Please could anyone explain what the problem is and how I could solve this

Thanks in advance,