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[Condor-users] Newbie ?s


I have recently been included in a project requiring Condor version 6.7.

I would like to run this on a machine with Fedora Linux Core 5.  However on
the download page at
http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/cgi-bin/downloads/download.pl/v6.7 I only see
downloads for Fedora Linux Core 1 through 4.

I tried downloading 6.7.19 for Core 4 and I double clicked on the RPM file
to install.  However, when I try to execute the instruction "sh
/opt/condor-6.7.19/sbin/condor_master" as indicated at
26000000000000000, I get an error message saying "binary file cannot be

I have a series of questions below.

1) Would this be caused by the Core 4 version I selected?  Is there a Core 5
version available anywhere?

2) Also, the "<release_dir>/etc/condor_config" file indicated on the same
aforementioned web page, is in my "/opt/condor-6.7.19/sbin" directory.  What
problems will this cause?

3) Should I use the RPM command to install Condor in the Terminal window?
If so, can someone give me the exact syntaxt to install in my "/opt/"


Christopher Jon Jursa
Geoinformatics Laboratory
School of Information Sciences
University of Pittsburgh
web: http://gis.sis.pitt.edu
email: cjursa@xxxxxxxxxxxx
phone: 412-624-8858