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[Condor-users] some held/released jobs never execute


With Condor 6.7.19 on windows XP I have a strange problem. Sometimes when I'd like to vacate a job from a machine the condor_vacate_job command does not work, and I have to hold and release the job to re-negotiate it.
But after going back into the idle state the job never gets executed again.

This is what I found in the shadow log for such a job:

6/16 12:35:56 (68770.0) (472): Got SIGTERM. Performing graceful shutdown.
6/16 12:35:57 (68770.0) (472): getpeername failed so connect must have failed 6/16 12:36:16 (68770.0) (472): Connect failed for 20 seconds; returning FALSE 6/16 12:36:16 (68770.0) (472): RemoteResource::killStarter(): Could not send command to startd

And this is the last item for it in the scheduler log:
6/16 12:11:36 Starting add_shadow_birthdate(68770.0)
6/16 12:11:36 Started shadow for job 68770.0 on "<>", (shadow pid = 472)

What is going on behind the scenes and what can I do to force the execution of this job?