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Re: [Condor-users] no condor_compile.exe

condor_compile is used for "standard" universe jobs
this links in the libraries for intercepting the I/O and links 
to checkpointing libraries.

in 6.6 (and most if not all of 6.7 series), these facilities
are not provided for Windows

"vanilla" allows executable scripts as well as executables
as is flexible (maybe too flexible for some!) enough for many 
users to prove useful.

Which features of condor do you require?



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> Hi,
> I installed Condor v6.6.11 for Windows ("Vanilla" only). I 
> tried to compile an *.o file with gcc and condor_compile but 
> it didn't work ("Unknown command or file..."). I took a look 
> at the "condor/bin" folder and there is no 
> "condor_compile.exe"! But why? Have I chosen the wrong 
> version? Or maybe did something wrong during installation?
> What does the "vanilla only" (in the version name) mean? Only 
> vanilla-universe? Which universes are supported by this 
> version? Which version do I need for windows?
> Tobias
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