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[Condor-users] installation error[condor_configre/condor_install]

Hi everyone,

I am trying to install condor-G and therefore I am installing as
submit only option.
But I am having some trouble during installation process.
Following is the error message I got.

charis:/usr/local/condor-6.6.11# condor_configure --install --type=submit

Unable to find the user to run Condor daemons as. Please specify it
using the --owner option

charis:/usr/local/condor-6.6.11# condor_configure --install
--type=submit --owner=root

Invalid user: getpwname("root") failed!

So I tried to use condor_install instead and finally got to install.
Yet, I could not run condor_startd and I am getting one error here.

charis:/usr/local/condor/sbin# condor_startd
ERROR "No 'STARTD_LOG' parameter specified." at line 115 in file

So my question is how to fix any of above problems so that I can
finish up installation.
Thanks in advance,

Ilho <><
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