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Re: [Condor-users] Reduce Install Size

Thanks for the info.  This install is going to be for windows only clients, and will only be using the vanilla universe.  What meta scheduler do you use?



John Alberts
Technical Assistant for EMS
CLO 332

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> Anyone have any ideas how to reduce the install size?


rm -rf condor/* ?




All jokes aside we trim the executables on our clients so they have only what we need to run our vanilla jobs. We delete “dangerous” commands like condor_q and condor_q++ and condor_reschedule and condor_history because we don’t want our users talking directly to Condor (we push them through our meta scheduler interface). Tools that never get used can go like condor_compile and stork_q. Technically you only need bin/, sbin/, lib/ and maybe libexec/ so you can dump etc/, man/, src/ and include/. It really depends on what you want to do with your clients. If you’re going to run vanilla-only jobs you can lose a fair number of the binaries.


- Ian