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[Condor-users] createCluster() failed in SOAP on 6.7.20

I'm trying to follow Matt's slides from Condor Week on setting up SOAP.  I'm getting an error saying "Could not create new cluster" whenever I run the following code.  Anyone have any ideas why this might be?


Thanks in advance for any help!






My Java code:


        Schedd schedd = new Schedd(new URL("http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxxx"));


        Transaction t = schedd.createTransaction();



        int cluster = t.createCluster();   // This line produces the error

        int job = t.createJob(cluster);

        File[] files = {new File("cp.sub")};


        t.submit(cluster, job, "root", UniverseType.VANILLA, "/bin/cp", "cp.sub cp.worked", "", null, files);





Excerpt from condor_config:






# I don't know what the next line is for, but I saw it in some examples.

# I get the same error if it's commented out.



ALLOW_SOAP = *.fairisaac.com




Excerpt from SchedLog:



6/22 17:42:58 (pid:23536) Received HTTP POST connection from <xxx>

6/22 17:42:58 (pid:23536) Current Socket bufsize=85k

6/22 17:42:58 (pid:23536) Current Socket bufsize=16k

6/22 17:42:58 (pid:23536) About to serve HTTP request...

6/22 17:42:58 (pid:23536) SOAP entered newCluster(), transaction: 2604208385

6/22 17:42:58 (pid:23536) QMGT command failed: anonymous user not permitted

6/22 17:42:58 (pid:23536) NewCluser(): OwnerCheck failed

6/22 17:42:58 (pid:23536) SOAP leaving newCluster() result=1

6/22 17:42:58 (pid:23536) Completed servicing HTTP request

6/22 17:43:28 (pid:23536) SOAP in transtimeout()

6/22 17:43:28 (pid:23536) SOAP entered abortTransaction(), transaction: 2604208385


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